Digital Divide: Concepts and Reality in Bangladesh


  • Zahiruddin Md. Babar Zahiruddin Md. Babar Divisional Engineer Bangladesh Telecommunications Company Limited (BTCL) Mobile: +880-1550-151310



ICT, Digital Advantages, BTRC, Digital Divide, ITU, Universal Services


Nowadaysthe physical boundary, political divergence, or the ICT do not only divide the world rather by new digital yardstick as well. Thenew separating phenomenon or aspect known popularly as the “Digital Divide†that confronts the nations and the people. Considering the worldwide promptness for bridging the Digital –Divide of developing countries, Bangladesh lags due to lack of proper initiatives. Proper institutional and legal framework and appropriate law/act in this regard not yet prepared. Bangladesh Telecom Regulatory Commission(BTRC), the authority to oversee and control the telecom sector of the country that is necessary for ICTs deployment, is vested with contradicting power and authority.Although the progress in all ICT facilities in Bangladesh is encouraging, yet it is not that fast as that of developed countries. ICT is an important factor for development but to be available for all level people. Therefore, by adopting appropriate methodology & intense alertness,this study has been completed with a view to eliminate the Digital–Divide of the country by deploying and maintaining ICTs for all irrespective of time, distance & ability to afford.


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